In the past 3+ years, we have met in 10 different venues! While challenging at times, we have continued to see God at work in BIG ways.

We have seen 164 people baptized, hundreds of people find new life in Christ, and every Sunday over 1,000 people get to hear about Jesus!

We know that a building is not our savior, but rather a tool. Let’s be honest, some tools are just better than others.

You can cut a 2×4 with a chisel and hammer, but how much more effective is it to use a saw! That is precisely what this building will be for us: a better tool.

Here’s the timeline on using this future building.

Will you pray about partnering with us as we look to purchase the Magic City Harley Davidson building?

We believe God is going to do Immeasurably More through acquiring the tool of a permanent space. Check out the links below to join us in partnering for this Next BIG Step!