Community Group Sign Up Form

Step 1
Look at the available groups link on the community group website. Find 2 groups that would work for you so that you can indicate a “first choice” and a “second choice” just in case one of the groups is full.
Step 2
Come back to this form and fill it out with your info and choice of groups. Submit the form when finished!

Step 3
We’ll receive your form and then email you a confirmation once we have you placed in the group.

Step 4
Just wait to be contacted by your Community Group Leader.

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Only fill out this section if you and your spouse are signing up for the same group. Please have them fill out their own form if they will be attending a different group.

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Second Group Choice (Enter group # and name. Sometimes groups fill up before we can update the directory.)

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Include your age, area of town you live in etc. What type of group are you looking for? What stage of life are you in (young kids, older kids, retired, etc.) Do you need childcare? All this info will help us help you!