Life is full of big questions we don’t always have the answer to. As you read through the book of Colossians you find answers to many of the questions that are instrumental to the Christian faith.

Who is Jesus? Who Am I?

There are a lot of different ideas about who Jesus is, but Paul in this letter to Colossians, clearly explains why Jesus is so special. He also explains how humanity is intertwined in the purpose of Jesus.
(Aug. 30, 2015)

Is Jesus the only way?

With so many religious beliefs out there, how do we know that Jesus is the only way? Just like when Paul wrote this letter, there were many different philosophies and ideas in culture. We will talk about why we believe that the bible teaches that Jesus is the only way for all of us to be saved. (Sept. 6, 2015)

Does God really want me to change?

Does God really expect me to change? The bible teaches that we aren’t saved by our “good works”, but by His grace. So if it is not about how I act, why do churches make such a big deal about changing? (Sept. 13, 2015)

Do I really need to tell others about Jesus?

Isn’t telling others about Jesus the job of the pastor? I’ll keep my faith to myself. It’s private and it’s personal. This sermon reminds ALL followers of Jesus that we are called to share our faith and it will also give practical ways on how to do it. (Sept 20, 2015)