The Pursuit is a movement of people who are passionate about how God wants to use the local church to reach our community. We are more than a random group of people, we are a family who is united around a mission to lead the community of Minot into a growing relationship with Jesus. This series is about what makes us who we are.

People Matter

Every person matters. Every single person has something to contribute.

Bring the Mess.

Hear about the one reason that sets Jesus apart from all other religions. This is the one reason we can bring our mess to Him.

Take Ownership.

What if people took the Bible seriously when it teaches about us all being part of the body and everybody has a part to play? Our communities would feel the impact of the local church overnight.

Pursue Creativity.

From the very beginning of scripture we see the creativity of our creator. God has given us all creative abilities to contribute to the kingdom of God here on earth.

Make Disciples.

Before Jesus ascended into Heaven He gave us one command. It is the mission of every local church.

Radical Generosity

The way we live our lives as followers of Jesus should set us apart from the culture we live in.