All of us can probably sing some of the lyrics to popluar love songs we have grown up with. Sometimes even when we know the words we don’t recognize what is actually being said about love. In this series we are going to look at love defined by the book of 1 John.  (Feb. 15th-Mar. 22nd, 2015)

Song 6: Back At One

Just as parents set ground rules for their children, God set ground rules with us with the 10 commandments. Everyone who believes that Jesus is the Christ has become a child of God, and thus must adhere to the rules he has commanded us to abide by. Also, just as God doesn’t pick and choose who among us he loves, we can’t pick and choose which commandments we will obey. To show our love for God, we abide by all of the commandments, and love all of his children as He loves them…(Mar. 22nd, 2015)

Song 5: Unconditionally

As followers of Jesus we all know in our head that Jesus loves us. Too many times we let other voices besides God’s influence our heart and we start to think God only loves us when we act certain ways. The key is to know God, not just know about Him. When we can transfer our head knowledge to our hearts we can walk in the freedom that God loves us unconditionally…(Mar. 15th, 2015)

Song 4: As Long As You Love Me

God IS love. In last week’s message we discussed how God wants us to express love with not only words, but with our actions as well. God showed us his love by sacrificing his only son for every single one of us. In this week’s message, we go deeper into the depth of God’s love for us, and discuss how we have been blessed with the gift of love…(Mar. 8th, 2015)

Song 3: Everything I Do

“Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth (1 John 3:16-18).”  In this message, we explore how God calls us to love with all that we are, not just with our words…(Mar. 1st, 2015)

Song 2: Love Never Felt So Good

Think about that amazing moment when you accepted Christ into your life, or even when you witnessed someone else accept Christ into their lives. Was there ever a moment more when love never felt so good? In this message we explore the overwhelming depths of God’s love for us as His children…(Feb. 22nd, 2015)

Song 1: You Belong With Me

As the young Taylor Swift pines for her boy crush’s love in this particular song, we are reminded every day that God does so even more with us. However, in today’s day, it is very easy to become distracted from the greatest love of them all from our Father with that of worldly pleasures. God is forever, this world is only temporary, and cannot begin to compare to the insurmountable pleasures/salvation awaiting Christ’s followers in the kingdom of Heaven…(Feb. 15th, 2015)